The somewhat bizarre yet completely normal part of the breast augmentation process

If there’s anything about breast augmentation that the surgery sites don’t tell you about, it’s the unexpected feelings many of us have experienced after surgery. We’re going to share these with you, because we think if you know how normal these odd sensations and conflicted emotions are, then you’ll handle them like a pro.

The physical stuff: high boobs and weird tingling

While you’ll get an immediate boost in breast size after your augmentation, it’s going to take a little while for your implants to settle into their final position and for your body to adjust to its new shape. For most of us, this part of the healing process takes 2-3 months. Here’s what you need to know:

Your breasts will be too high at first

When you first get your implants, they’re going to sit way up on your chest. Your existing skin and tissue needs a little time to get situated around the implant. Add post-operative swelling, and you may feel like your boobs are up into your armpits at first. Don’t worry. This is normal! In fact, your surgeon places the implants in a specific place on purpose. It’s a necessary part of the process so that your final result looks natural with your body.

Typically, it takes about 3 months for most of the settling to occur. After that, changes will be more subtle, with your final results in place about 6 months after surgery. As you can see in the before & afters below, your girls will settle in beautifully!

Breast Aug 4-ABreast Aug 4-B
Relax! Your breasts will too in just a few more weeks!

Your nipples will feel prickly

Breast augmentation surgery affects nerves, muscles, and other breast tissue, including the nipples. During recovery, it’s normal to get random prickliness, tingling, and short, occasional bouts of pulsating throughout your breasts as the nerve tissue heals. Likewise, your nipples may feel numb, sore, or extra sensitive at times during the healing process.

You’ll be able to feel your implants move with your chest muscles

Particularly if you had them placed submuscularly, or “under the muscle.” It’s a little weird at first, but no one will notice but you. Don’t believe it? Then watch it!

The emotional roller coaster

Even more surprising than the physical phenomena of recovery is the emotional impact that breast augmentation brings to your life. But if you know what to expect, you can recognize these feelings as part of the normal healing process.

Second-guessing your decision to have surgery

Sometime in the weeks following your augmentation, you’re probably going to look in the mirror and think, “Should I have done this?” or “Is this really me?” Even if you love your results and know you’ve made the right decision, you’re going to experience fleeting bouts of doubt. The reality is, this happens to almost everyone after cosmetic surgery.

Think about it – you’ve made big changes to a body you’ve lived in your whole entire life, literally overnight. Changing your body, even for the better, is a big step, and waking up with a new shape will feel strange for a little while. Most days, you’ll feel like a million bucks. But from time to time, you’ll feel hyper-aware of the changes. The awesome news is, in a few short months, you won’t even think about the fact that you have breast implants – you’ll just feel like YOU.

Wondering if you went big enough, also known as “boob greed”

So there is this phenomenon that strikes some augmented women called “boob greed.” This happens when you choose your implants, you’re excited about your new look, you get surgery, and then within a few months or so, you think “I’m loving how I look now, but I think I might want to go even bigger!”

This is also a fairly common feeling, although it doesn’t happen to everyone. You can avoid boob greed by taking the right approach to choosing your implants in the first place, so you’re confident you’ve made the right decision. If you do find yourself thinking big(ger) in the months following surgery, we say wait a little while. You’re still getting used to your new look. Chances are, once you’re back in the gym, you’ve updated your wardrobe, and you’re noticing how confident you feel, you’ll be happy with your implants as-is. If you still want to go bigger, than it may be time to consult with a plastic surgeon again, who can help you decide if sizing up is right for you.

Wondering if you went too big

Another common fear is that you went overboard when choosing your implants. If you feel this way the first few weeks, don’t worry. This is likely just you getting used to the new you. Again, it comes down to being 100% honest and clear with your surgeon about your goals and choosing a surgeon whom you trust to achieve them. If you’ve chosen implants that fit your lifestyle and look proportional, then you’ve probably got nothing to worry about.

That moment when you think, “I love the way I look!”

If you have friends that can’t stop talking about their breast augmentations, you’ll understand where they’re coming from soon enough. Do your research, choose a great plastic surgeon, and be smart about choosing a size, and you’re bound to be over-the-moon about your new look too. As you can see in Shal’s story, that feeling of knowing you’ve got the perfect feminine shape for your body—it’s pretty amazing!


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