Why Might You Need Breast Augmentation Revision?

Remember how we said you need to have realistic expectations about your breast augmentation? A huge sign that your expectations are nice and realistic is that you are aware of all the risks involved, and you’re prepared to address them in the unlikely event they should come about.

One such risk with breast augmentation is that you’ll want or need another surgery down the road to revise your results. We’ll tell you why, and how to minimize your risk.

4 reasons why you might need another surgery

1. Capsular contracture.

Okay, what’s this? In short, it’s a scar tissue issue. Capsular contracture, or CC, happens when your scar tissue forms a tight wall around your implant, causing them to feel hardened, unnaturally round, and even painful. In most cases of CC, you’ll need to have your implants removed to correct this problem. Luckily, it’s pretty rare.

The good news: Because your risk of CC increases if your implants are too big for your existing breast tissue, staying sane about size and listening to your surgeon’s recommendations can help to reduce your chance of experiencing operating room deja vu.

2. Your body changes but your implants don’t.

It would be nice if our breasts could somehow coordinate with the rest of our bodies to look completely awesome as we age, after pregnancy, and if we lose weight. Unfortunately there’s not a “smart” implant of sorts yet. As life goes on, gravity takes its toll. Your breasts might be a little more saggy in 20 years than they are now, making your perky pair look a little less so.

The good news: Two things you can do about sagging: first, choose implants that are good for your body or lifestyle. No reason to put extra stress on your girls. Second, breast lift surgery can correct sagging when the time comes.

3. You want to size up (or down).

When a gal gets some great implants, sometimes she decides she wants them even bigger a few months down the road. Why? It’s possible that when she realizes how much she loves her new look, she gets boob greed and thinks more will be even better. A few women do err a little on the conservative side and decide larger implants are the way to go. Whatever the reason, most revisions due to size change go in the upwards direction.

It’s also possible that one day you’ll decide that your implants no longer fit your lifestyle. In this case, you’d need surgery to remove them. If you go a lot smaller, you might also need breast lift surgery to reduce the amount of skin and prevent sagging.

The good news: You can avoid boob greed (or regret) by establishing great communication with your plastic surgeon, being thoughtful about what you really want (and what your body can handle), and trying on a wide variety of implants before surgery.

4. You’re not going to live forever; neither are your implants

First, you need to know that breast implants, while safe, durable, and thoroughly researched, are not lifetime devices. Chances are, they’ll need to be replaced at some point. If you’re like most patients, you’re looking at 10 or more years down the road.

But occasionally, implants rupture sooner than that. With saline implants, you’ll know – your breast will deflate as the saline solution harmlessly absorbs into your body. With silicone gel, it’s a little trickier. Because today’s silicone is cohesive, it won’t leak out of the implant like saline (that’s good). But this also means you’ll probably need an MRI to detect a rupture. In either case, you’ll need another surgery to replace the ruptured implants.

The good news: the implant manufacturers in the U.S.—Mentor and Allergan—offer limited lifetime product replacement warranties on their implants. This covers the cost of new implants should yours rupture or deflate. Most also offer an enhanced limited warranty that covers a portion of your surgical fees should you need new implants for a variety of reasons. Ask your surgeon for details.

The big secret about breast augmentation revision

Now it’s your turn to hear from a real patient who decided that revision surgery was the best move for her. What’s the secret? She’s still glad she had the procedure!

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