About Breast Augmentation Surgery

This isn’t the most fun part of breast augmentation to think about, but it’s so important that you’re aware of the steps that go into the actual surgery. You need to know what to expect, but you also need to know this stuff because it’ll help you ask your surgeon the right questions about your procedure and your recovery.

Your pre-op visit

This day is very important in determining the success of your outcome, so you should come prepared! Bring with you a list (write it down) of questions to ask your surgeon, nurse, and patient care coordinator. Nothing’s stupid, insulting, or off-limits, so ask away.

You’ll also get a list of foods, meds, and herbs to boycott before surgery and throughout recovery. If your surgeon feels it’s necessary, you may be asked to have some tests run at labs outside the office. You’ll want to get these tests done ASAP so you don’t have to delay your surgery date.

Be ready to spend an hour or so at this appointment to allow enough time to review your surgical plan and thoroughly discuss your pre-surgical requirements and post surgical expectations with your team. You should also get a patient packet with all the details to take home for reference as you heal.

Hey! Here’s a Tip: Your patient packet also serves as a manual for the awesome person who’s going to be your at-home caretaker after surgery. Let them read it before your procedure so they can ask any questions about the best way to keep you safe and comfy at home.

The day of surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a fairly straightforward procedure when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in a fully accredited surgical suite. When you arrive, you’ll be escorted to a private room to change into your surgical gown, cap, and booties (yep, you get to wear the booties). A plastic surgery OR nurse will be right there to answer any last-minute questions and offer words of reassurance if you’re a little nervous.

The surgery itself takes about 1 hour, and you’ll be comfortably asleep, constantly monitored by your anesthesiologist. Your plastic surgeon will make the incision as explained in your pre-op appointment. He or she will then create a space, or pocket, for your implants, and place your chosen implants precisely in the right place. Your incisions will be sutured and covered with surgical tape to begin the healing process.

After spending an hour or so in recovery, you’ll be ready to go home. You’ll be pretty groggy for the rest of the day, so you will need a trusted adult to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours at least.

Nerves & Excitement are Normal Before Surgery

Want to get a better feel for the butterflies some women feel as their surgery day approaches? Dani decided to document the night before, day of, and day after her breast augmentation procedure. Only about 2 days after, she’s up and about and looking good. See her story now:

The bottom line: your safety matters most

We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who both specializes in breast augmentation and uses a board certified MD anesthesiologist. This is one of the best ways to ensure your surgery is safe and your results are excellent.

If you live in the Baltimore area, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons & breast enhancement specialists. We’re known for putting patient safety and results first. Call 410.296.0414 to schedule your appointment.