Real women tell-all about their implants

Learn how to get great results from real women who've had the procedure

Why do you want a breast augmentation?

Nothing fits, and you’re over it. You want to wear cute dresses & tank tops. You want to enjoy wearing a bikini. You want bra shopping to be fun! Your best friend had a breast aug and she looks amazing—it changed your mind about implants. You always knew you’d probably do it some day….

If you said, “Hey! That’s me!” then it’s time for you to start thinking about finally getting augmented.

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We want you to LOVE your results.

Hundreds of Baltimore women get a breast augmentation every year. Most like their results. We want you to love your results. Having realistic expectations about what’s possible from breast augmentation – and what to expect when it comes to surgery – will help you make sure that you do.

There’s a lot of info out there on breast augmentation, and most of it’s from the plastic surgeon’s perspective. It’s a really important perspective that you should listen to. But to have a really great experience with breast augmentation, you should hear what other ladies who’ve already had the procedure have to say.

Get the details from someone who’s been there.

We’ve included some insider tips from patients just like you to help you get inspired & learn from their experiences. Find out what real women wish they knew before their breast augmentation, and what they might do differently.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right surgeon, figuring out what size you want to be, and getting the right implants for your lifestyle.

WAIT! Listen up, this is important: while the info here will answer a ton of questions & give you lots to think about, it’ll also give you lots to talk about! Make sure you do the bulk of your talking in a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. This is the doc who’s best qualified to help you make the right decisions about your breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation for all the right reasons

Already confident in yourself? Rocky was too. Learn her story now: